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Why move from Patreon?

Hey there - why move us?

Becoming a secure attachment as a therapist and self-diclosure.

How do you balance how much to share, therapist disclosure and the importance of creating connection in the therapeutic relationship/ secure attachment?

how to access show notes?

I heard a reference to show notes but can't figure out how to access them.... didn't see a search bar or anything

Hey friends, Sue here!

Just sending a note of encouragement if you are exploring the dashboard -- we really do read every question or discussion request. Right now, while it's slow, we can answer pretty much anything! You just let us know what you are liking, what you want to hear about, a discussion point, constructive criticism, pod love... it's all welcome and we will see every single one of your notes. Uncensor yourself friends - our ears and hearts are open!

BEST WAY TO CONNECT - Join the TU Patron and Supercast Private FB Page

Me again, thinking of things you may want to know. The best way to hook up with like-minded people in this community is to use the Facebook pages. There is the MAIN public page, the private discussion page and the "secret" community page. I'll share links for each below. You'll need. a code to get into the group that is only for this community - see below.