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Sharing security, one conversation at a time (when has this ever been needed more?)

With your help, we share potentially life-changing (or at least super interesting) findings from the relational sciences to anyone, anywhere who is interested in deepening connection with themselves, their favorite people, their students and clients, or their community. 

Together with our incredible online Neuronerd community, Therapist Uncensored podcast has grown to the point of being ranked as a Top Science or Social Science podcast in 75 countries around the world!  

Hosts Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott finally recognized after 5 seasons and over 2.5 million downloads that they needed to upgrade the show from hobby status.  We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Supercast to be able to continue to offer an ad-free listening experience.  In addition, many of you tell us you refer your own clients or family members to the show or have benefitted personally and want to give back.  That is awesome, thank you back! Finally, you may want to have the opportunity for more interaction with one another and us, early access to discussions and study and groups, or discounts for cool things we may produce.  You are in the right place.

Please, join us below and become a member of our Neuronerd community today! 

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$5 / month

$5 per month

Neuronerds are friends & supporters who are helping us spread the science of the mind and secure relationships to the world, starting with the desire to learn a little more!

You Receive:
  • Ad-free access to our show
  • Extra episodes not available to the public
  • Access to Ask Me Anything's and other behind the scene's action
  • Attachment Explained Bundle
  • Access to a variety of private reading and study opportunities as they may occur
  • Secret patron FB group
  • The satisfaction of helping to deliver this life-changing science around the globe to those who would otherwise not have access!
  • The enjoyment and networking possibilities of meeting with like-minded peers from around the world 

Gold Neuronerds

$10 / month

$10 per month

Gold Neuronerds are friends and super-supporters of the show, helping us create a ripple of security by sharing the science of relationships and secure relating around the globe. 
You receive:
Everything already mentioned such as access to the ad-free feed, extra episodes, Ask Me Anything, networking opportunities with like-minded peers etc. 

  • Higher priority for input, questions and discussion with us, the hosts of the show 
  • Higher discounts for stuff we may create - merchandise, courses, webinars
  • Invitations to provide guest ideas and more direct input to the show
  • Just maybe when you are least expecting it - fun bling in your mailbox! 

Platinum Neuronerd!!

$25 / month

Our "Co-executive Producers" and Deep Dive enthusiasts. Frequently they have been changed by discoveries on the show, share it as a resource for their clients, are clinicians who would like to be listed on our website or are just super cool people supporting the delivery of good quality content.
You receive: 

  • Listed as a "Co-executive Producer" on our website, along with your linked photo or logo
  • VIP access to us including a private zoom meeting
  • Priority notification and privileged access to all TU educational opportunities
  • Highest discounts on everything we produce
  • Priority access for input on topics, guests, and show feedback.
  • Who knows, fun bling may appear in your mailbox 
  • Will be our BFF's forever!!  

Annual Gold Membership

$115 / year

All the benefits of the Gold Level Neuronerd but by paying for the year with a discount. NOTE:  It is less than a single session of therapy! 

Annual Platinum Membership

$290 / year

All the benefits of our BFF's Platinum supporters but paid up for the year with a discount.  NOTE:  This is about the cost of a 60-minute consultation or perhaps 2 regular sessions, yet you get the full year membership ++


$1,000 / one-time

Join us here and you are a lifetime member with us, we will sing your praises on the show (well, you don't really want us to sing..) and you will immediately be promoted to very best friend status. 
A year of weekly therapy is over $10,000, so this is a bargain!  :) 
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